Ragdoll  Kittens 

from Champion Lines

We are a Ragdoll cattery located in the 
Bay Area of California. 

Ragdolls are large, gentle, quiet cats that are sweet natured and thrive on human companionship. They are gentle giants who adore their owners and are very content to be your faithful companion.

​Because of their docile personality, Ragdolls are indoor only house cats and must NEVER be let outside.

All of our adult Ragdolls are TICA and/or CFA Champions.  Our breeders are purebred cats with pedigrees from outstanding bloodlines.

Each of our kittens is hand-raised with loving care in our cage-free home.  Our Ragdolls have gorgeous coats, big blue eyes and are the epitome 
of the Purrfect Ragdoll. 

Please click on the "Available Kittens" page for more information on how you can be the happy owner of a Purrfect Kitten!

Purrfect Kittens is a Registered Cattery with
Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) &
The International Cat Association (TICA)