Cats rely mostly on their diet for moisture and don't drink as much water as they might need.  Canned foods are highly palatable and are the best source of nutrition and water for your cat.  I am a big proponent of water fountains to add interest and fun to drinking water for your kitty.

You should review the labels on your cat foods to make sure the ingredients don't include corn, wheat, barley and other grains that cats do not need.  These grains are generally used as fillers and can be very difficult for some cats to digest causing diarrhea, obesity, and other physical ailments. 

Every cat has their preferred flavors, but these are the ones my Ragdolls LOVE - so maybe your cat will too!


          Tiki Cat

                      - After Dark - Chicken + Liver, Gizzards, Hearts

                      - After Dark - Chicken & Beef + Liver, Gizzards, Hearts

                      - Wild Salmon

                      - Chicken with Egg


          Blue Wilderness Wild Delights - Meaty Morsels

                      -  Chicken and Salmon

                      -  Chicken and Trout

                      -  Chicken and Turkey


          Sheba Perfect Portions

                      - Cuts in Gravy - Savory Salmon & Chicken

                      - Cuts in Gravy - Signature Salmon & Shrimp

          Stella & Chewy's ( Freeze Dried Raw)

                      -  Duck Duck Goose

                      -  Chick Chick Chicken

                      -  Salmon and Chicken

​          Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Dry Food) 

                       - Salmon Recipe

                       - Chicken Kitten Recipe

          Treats  (Only in Small Quantities)

                       -  Purebites - freeze dried chicken, shrimp, etc

                       -  Friskies Party Mix 




You know how important your diet is to your health and well being.  

It is equally important to understand the nutritional needs and requirements for your cat.  Felines are true CARNIVORES.  That means that their diet should consist primarily of meats including beef, poultry and fish.  In nature cats hunt and eat birds, mice, reptiles, insects, etc.  So to mimic the diet that mother nature intended, the best cat foods are....