Beau at 4 months

Monsieur Clooney

​​Beauregard is truly Royalty in Fur. At the 2009 Albuquerque TICA Cat Show he won "Best Ragdoll" and "Best Long Haired Cat".  Also, Beauregard won TICA's Second Best Ragdoll of the Year for 2009.  He has won countless ribbons at many cat shows across the country and is a CFA & TICA Champion.  Beau is a seal colorpoint with large blue eyes, thick rabbit-type fur and the sweetest personality.

When we take Beauregard to cat shows,  he always attracts a crowd.  People say his eyes are electric.   After meeting Beau, many people know their next cat will be a Ragdoll.  Beau produces beautiful Ragdoll Kittens. 

 Clooney at 4 months 


Sir Winston

Clooney is also a CFA and TICA Champion.   He is a seal bicolor and has the softest coat, gorgeous blue eyes, and a very sweet personality.  Clooney produces gorgeous kittens, too! 

Winston is our newest addition.  He is a very handsome blue bicolor with extraordinary eyes, coloring, coat, and the greatest laid-back  personality.  In this picture he is

7 months old and already 12 pounds!   Winston will be ready for breeding in 2019.

Beau & Gandolph 

Clooney   2016