"Sophia and Noah are such a blessing to us! They are so neat, smart, very playful, love to be held and talked to, and have a thousand other beautiful ways in their precious bodies......we enjoy them so very much!!"          Joellyn

"Dorrie"  Blue Bicolor - ADOPTED

Click on this YouTube of one of our Purrfect Kittens in Action!

"William & Bill" - Adopted

"Cupid & Romeo" - Blue and Seal Mitted - ADOPTED

"Emily"  blue mitted - ADOPTED

Previous kittens

"Simon"  Blue Mitted -  ADOPTED

"William" - Seal Mitted - Adopted

"Zsa Zsa"   Seal Mitted  -  ADOPTED

"Lily" Blue Bicolor - ADOPTED

"Amore"  - Seal Mitted  (6 mos)

"Princess"  Blue Bicolor -  ADOPTED

"Mona Kisa" - Blue Bicolor



"Sophia & Noah" - ADOPTED

"Dorrie"  Blue Bicolor - ADOPTED

Cinnamon is one of Winston's babies. 

She is one the of most beautiful kittens we have ever had.  

"Cinnamon"  Seal Bicolor - Adopted

"Claus" Seal Mitted - ADOPTED