"Sophia & Noah" - ADOPTED

"Amore"  - Seal Mitted  (6 mos)

"William" - Seal Mitted - Adopted

Click on this YouTube of one of our Purrfect Kittens in Action!

Cinnamon is one of Winston's babies. 

She is one the of most beautiful kittens we have ever had.  

"Mona Kisa" - Blue Bicolor

"William & Bill" - Adopted

"Cupid & Romeo" - Blue and Seal Mitted - ADOPTED

"Emily"  blue mitted - ADOPTED

Previous kittens

"Princess"  Blue Bicolor -  ADOPTED

"Simon"  Blue Mitted -  ADOPTED

"Dorrie"  Blue Bicolor - ADOPTED

"Lily" Blue Bicolor - ADOPTED

"Cinnamon"  Seal Bicolor - Adopted

"Sophia and Noah are such a blessing to us! They are so neat, smart, very playful, love to be held and talked to, and have a thousand other beautiful ways in their precious bodies......we enjoy them so very much!!"          Joellyn

"Zsa Zsa"   Seal Mitted  -  ADOPTED

"Dorrie"  Blue Bicolor - ADOPTED

"Claus" Seal Mitted - ADOPTED