Juliette is our newest addition - and what a beauty!  Juliette is a seal colorpoint with amazing eyes, coat and spirited personality; she is from the Starlite cattery in Wisconsin.  Her first litter will be in early 2018 and we are excited to see her beautiful babies.



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Alexandra is a CFA Champion. Alexandra is a blue bicolor and comes from the Rockinblues cattery with extraordinary bloodlines.  Alexandra is like an angel - and she is as sweet as the day is long! 

Amor is seal mitted with deep blue eyes.  Amor won First Place and Best Ragdoll kitten at the Albuquerque cat show in March 2012 and she won 3rd Best Long Hair cat in the May 2012 show.  After that Amor won second best seal point mitted ragdoll of the year in 2013! Now she is a TICA Regional Grand Champion. 
​She is a winner! 

Our Champion Queens



Misma is a seal  colorpoint with beautiful eyes, mink coat and personality to boot!   Misma did very well in her first TICA cat show in Oct 2013 near Sacramento and is now a Champion.  Misma's kittens are exceptional.

Jazzy is another treasure from Rockinblues cattery!  Jazzy is a blue bicolor who took second place in the kitten class at the Sacramento Cat show in October 2015. She is a big girl and her babies are phenomenal!