Anastasia is our treasure from Regency Rags cattery;  she is 8 months old in this picture.  "Stasia" is a seal bicolor with deep blue eyes and the softest coat.  Her babies are all wonderful.

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Our Champion Queens



‚ÄčKisa Belle is another blue bicolor beauty who produces unbelievable kittens.  Here is a picture of her with 3 week old babies.  Below is the sweetest picture of Kisa when she was 6 weeks old, napping in her Hello Kitty chair :) 

Jazzy is from Rockinblues cattery!  Jazzy is a blue bicolor who is a big girl and her babies are phenomenal!

Because Ragdolls are not fully mature until 3 years of age, Amore has another year to grow and get darker.  Amore's kittens are phenomenal in personality and beauty.



Jazzy with kitten in tow.

Amore is a seal mitted beauty and is just 6 months old in this picture, but below is updated photo at 20 months old.

Kisa Belle


Juliette is from Starlite Ragdolls - and what a beauty!  Juliette is a seal color point with amazing eyes, coat, and spirited personality.  Her first litter was born summer of  2018 and as expected she had the most beautiful babies.